Pedro Monkeyfinger + Protagonist​/​Antagonist

by Pedro Monkeyfinger + Protagonist/Antagonist

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Pedro Monkeyfinger and Protagonist/Antagonist have been pillars in the Calgary noise scene for years. Both have, at times, been prolific live performers creating some of the most powerful performances to grace Calgary audiences.

Interestingly enough, there is a shortage of recorded material from both artists, which is part of the reason Unit Structure Sound Recordings approached the artists and commissioned them to create a new set of recordings. The two artists decided to approach this project as a collaboration.

The recordings feature Pedro Monkeyfinger in one speaker and Protagonist/Antagonist in the other. Together, they create a dense, highly textural set of atonal noise, with a minimalist approach, leaving plenty of room to breathe.

Pedro Monkeyfinger utilizes a eurorack modular synthesizer, while Protagonist/Antagonist uses a blend of oscillators, samples, filters and other electronics. Please listen on a soundsystem capable of puing out volume and a wide frequency output.

Keep the temperature in the room cold.


released May 30, 2015



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