Roadside Picnic split with Maurizio Bianchi

by Roadside Picnic

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The eponymous split between Maurizio Bianchi and Roadside Picnic is the final installment of a trilogy on as many labels. Two great artists contribute what they do so well; thought provoking new music. Unit Structure Sound Recordings is proud to present a split release by two artists that they hold is such high esteem.

Birmingham’s Roadside Picnic is the solo brainchild of visual and audio artist Justin Wiggan. Wiggan has been able to configure abstract thought onto a playing field where anything can happen; new sounds of experimental engery mingle with a comfortable background. His use of what most people are comfortable with sound-wise while introducing to sound exploration is refreshing to the ear.

Italian musician Maurizo Bianchi has a much storied history in the industrial/noise world and he contributes an excellent example of what he is great at. M.B.’s use of space within a small amount of time to produce a beautiful and mesmerizing echo landscape is proof that he is still at top of his game and a leader in his field. He blends complexity and simplicity to build a foundation of sound that leads to terror and enlightenment.


released July 1, 2014



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